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Derwent Class What’s Happening This Week Commencing 4th December 2017

Derwent What’s Happening This Week

(Week Commencing 4th December 2017)

In Derwent this week we are learning the following:



In English this week we are writing non-chronological reports about giants.



In spelling, punctuation and grammar we are focussing on recalling split digraphs in phonics and trigraphs, as well as continuing to look at suffix words. In our writing our grammar focus will be continuing to learn how to use questions and conjunctions, as well as using sub-headings and paragraphs. We will also continue to embed our knowledge of using expanded noun phrases, adverbs and prepositions in our writing.



In maths we are continuing to focus on subtraction and looking at different methods for solving subtraction problems.


Maths Basics:

Maths basics  are key skills/facts children need to know.  In maths basics this week we are focusing on the 10  times tables and the 3 times tables for year 3. We will also focus on missing number problems.


Creative Curriculum:

We work on a theme every term and this term our key question is ‘Vikings, barbarians or innovators?’.  We are continuing to focus on researching Vikings and finding interesting and exciting facts.




Homework is set every night.  From Monday to Thursday children will have:

  • 4 very short maths questions
  • 2 sentences to write using their spellings
  • reading (+ one more reading over the weekend)


Spellings are learnt in class but if you could help with practising at home, this would be brilliant.

Spellings we are focusing on in class this week are below (half are common exception words that are being commonly misspelt in our writing and half are words including phonics sounds we are focussing on).


ear are
beard our
fear said
tear (like crying) says
tear (like ripping) because


Knowing times tables and number bond (pairs of numbers to 10/20 and beyond) well helps children make massive progress in maths so any help you can give your child will be great.  Your child has a Number Gym log in and password in their planners and if they could go on Number Gym at home, even for 5 minutes, it will really help them have a secure knowledge and faster recall of times tables and number facts.


Children also have a Times Tables Rockstars log in to help them practice their times tables in a different way.

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