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Humber Class What’s Happening This Week Commencing 11th June 2018

Team Humber –  What’s Happening This Week

(Week Commencing 11th June 2018)

In Humber this week we are learning the following:



We are continuing with our independent writing, .


In spelling, punctuation and grammar we are working on using formal language, including the subjunctive form.


In maths, we are doing a statistics project, where we are budgeting for a class pet! We are also practising constructing bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts.

Maths Basics:

Maths basics  are key skills/facts children need to know.  In maths basics this week we are focusing on decimal – fraction – percentage equivalents. Test your child to see how many they know!

Creative Curriculum:

We are focussing on Science this week, and continuing our light topic by using data loggers to investigate the most reflective materials.

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