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Nidd Class What’s Happening This Week Commencing 27th November 2017


This week we are finding out about how castles were attacked and we are building our own attacking machines.  We will be writing about how we made them as well as writing lots of labels for our designs.  We are trying really hard to make sure we remember our capital letters and full stops.



In maths we are learning to find the double and half of numbers in our basic skills.

We are also learning to count, read and write numerals to 20.  Finding one more/less than a number to 20.


In Reception we are exploring adding and subtraction.



Our phonic sounds this week are: wh, ph oy and ir

Year 1:.wh, ph oy and ir

Reception: y, z, zz


Spellings this week (Year 1)

Where, there, were, some, come, play, game, house, key


Guided reading books this week are:


Year 1:   Max’s Box   Sea Fishing     Summer Storm.     Please ask your child which book they are reading.   This will be handed out at the end of the week for the weekend so you can share the book with your child.


Reception:  Six in a Bed and Who is it?  


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