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Welcome to the Creative Curies Class (Year 2/3 )

Teachers in our class are:

Miss Gordon, Mrs Taylor, Miss Marshall and Mrs Perkins

Our Day

Every morning we come into class, complete our morning task, which usually involves practising our handwriting.

We then have English and Mathematics (except on Wednesdays and Thursdays), often with a SPAG session before assembly or break time (we also incorporate SPAG teaching throughout our English lessons so sometimes we don’t have a stand alone SPAG lesson).

After lunch we have guided reading followed by science, topic time or foundation subjects. We learn lots of different subjects like PE, art, DT, computing, history, geography, SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning), MFL (we are currently studying French).

On Wednesday morning we have Mrs Taylor (our HLTA) teaching us RE first thing, followed by sports coaches taking us for PE before lunchtime. In the afternoons we then complete our guided reading, English and Mathematics.


On Thursday morning at 11am we are lucky enough to have Mr Timmons from North Yorkshire Music service teach us for 1 hour. In Autumn term we learnt how to play the African Drums (a jembe). In Spring term and continuing into the Summer term we are learning how to play the trumpet.



We encourage as much reading as possible at home and in school. In school we aim to read with each child at least once a week on a 1-1 basis (this may be with Miss Gordon, a TA or a volunteer). In guided reading we also read with each group once a week too, where Miss Gordon gets to hear each child read and discuss the group text. When your child has finished reading their book with you at home they can then change it for a new one at school. Asking your child questions about their book as you go along will help to develop their understanding and question answering skills. Please write a note in their planner to say they have read with you. It is also great for children to read the same book more than once to increase their familiarity with words and improve their fluency. Your child can also read anything at home or out and about, from books to magazines to road signs to the back of a cereal packet or a leaflet sent through the post!

Changing Books

Children have the opportunity to change their book in the morning on entry where possible, during guided reading or 1-1 reading sessions. The children get to choose their own book from their current book band as this develops their love for reading and encourages them to read a range of different books that interest them. (It would be useful to ask your child why they chose their book to develop their verbal reasoning skills).


Homework will be given on a Friday. Tasks should be completed by the following Wednesday and a spelling check will take place the following Friday. Homework includes spellings, active learn activities (alternating between SPAG or maths activities) or paper challenges that should be returned in the child’s homework folder from Autumn term. It helps for children to practice writing spellings in sentences as this develops their understanding of the meaning and use of the words they are learning. Daily reading is also encouraged and desired.


Useful websites to help your child  (for one hour coding sessions)  (for longer courses on coding)


If you have any questions please speak to Miss Gordon.

Thank you for your continued support.