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This time of year, although very exciting, is a very expensive time and can be stressful.  We have links with the foodbank in Selby and if any family feel they are in crisis and need a little more support with food over the Christmas period, we have vouchers we can give to help you through the holidays.  Vouchers are available for families who may have a sudden change of circumstance (such as debt, delayed wages, benefit delays, illness causing a reduced income) or have low income.

We can also provide vouchers for families who are entitled to free school meals.

Some parents may feel too proud to ask, but the vouchers are there for a reason and if we can help make your Christmas less stressful by providing these vouchers, then please take up the offer.  All vouchers will be given confidentially so please ask.  If you ask for me, I will make contact and we can arrange for you to have vouchers.  The volunteers at the foodbank can also drop off bags of food if you find it difficult to get to Selby.

Many thanks,

Mrs Fletcher

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