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New planners!

Reading books will be going out with children tonight.  Most classes will also have new planners although we have had a delay with delivery so if you do not get a planner, there will be one on its way.  Please have a look and complete the front page with your child.  There is a new page for each week so please could you complete the reading record each night you read with your child.  A signature is fine if you do not want to write a comment but it is good to see when a child has read.  We also read different books at school (and record in a separate document) but if your child has read a book they then take home, we will comment in their planner.  The planner is also where you can write a comment to the teacher.  These will be checked weekly and signed by the teacher.  If you need to get a reply to a message sooner, please ring or pop in to school.  We hope you like the planners and welcome any feedback to improve as this is the first time they have been introduced in school.

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