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Project Mala Day Friday 1st December – Non Uniform Day

On Friday we are raising money for our Ebor charity ‘Project Mala’.  We have spoken to the children about the charity which helps to get more children in to school in India, reducing the amount of child labour.  We are having a non-uniform day when children can come in non uniform and make a donation to the charity up to £1.  The money raised will be doubled by ‘The Big Give’ so any donation would be great.  Please look at the website if you can and see what a good cause it is (please see the link below on the recent Mala newsletter.

Many thanks for your support.


Matched funding offer starts TODAY
The Christmas Challenge kicks off at noon today, Tuesday 28th November.
If you are intending to make a donation, however small, then the Reed Foundation will double all of the donations up to £12,500. The offer will remain open for one week and closes at 12 noon on Tuesday 5th December.
To donate, click this link click [donate now].
The funds received from this appeal will be used to establish a secondary school in our Patehra School compound to enable more children from this remote area to reach a higher level of education.
Patehra Middle School is served by three primary schools – Patehra, Amoi and Hasra. The current middle school is very successful, but only a limited number of the class 8 pupils can continue to our secondary school at Guria, because of the travel distance and capacity. We consequently turn away many good pupils every year who would really benefit from continuing with us into secondary school.
The proposal to add a secondary school extension at Patehra to take classes 9 and 10 would reduce the load on our secondary school at Guria and allow us to take in more pupils up to class 10. Those that qualify for classes 11 and 12 will go on to the boarding school at Guria. The extension at Patehra would also reduce some of our transport costs for secondary school pupils, who would now complete their education up to class 10 at Patehra. Most importantly, it would give an opportunity for more of our pupils to stay in the Project Mala system for longer.
Registered charity number 801953
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