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Welcome to the Harmonious Hubbles Class (Year 4/5 )

Teachers and Support Staff in our class are:

Mrs Telford, Miss Rowbotham and Mrs Ruddle

Our Day

Every morning we come into class, complete our morning task, which usually involves working on something we need to practise a little more and then complete whole class guided reading.  During the morning we then work on our literacy and maths.

After lunch we have grammar activities followed by topic time. We ask questions about our topic and get to say what we would like to learn about. Before the end of the day we review how our day has been and then listen to our class novel.

On Wednesdays the children have a PE specialist teaching them team games and then Mrs Taylor, who teaches them RE.  PE is on a Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please ensure that your child brings their PE kit on a Monday and leaves this in school until Friday.  It would be helpful for them to have a jumper for colder days and they must bring a pair of trainers.  



When your child has finished reading their book with you at home they can then change it for a new one at school. Asking your child questions about their book as you go along will help to develop their understanding and question answering skills. Please write a note in their planner to say they have read with you. It is also great for children to read the same book more than once to increase their familiarity with words and improve their fluency. Your child can also read anything at home, from books to magazines, the back of a cereal packet to a leaflet sent through the post!

We are very grateful for any volunteer readers who would like to spend time reading with children from our class on an afternoon. If this sounds like something you would like to do, please speak to Mrs Telford.

Changing Books

During the entry task your child will have the opportunity to change their books. It is their responsibility to ensure that they change it when they feel necessary.   


Metacognition is teaching children to think about their thinking. It is proven to increase their learning!  Each week the children will take part in a lesson which will teach children the skills of learning.  During other lessons the children will use these skills and reflect on their learning.

How can you help at home?

To help children discover how they can take charge of their learning you can model metacognitive strategies by:

  • Thinking out loud. Model catching and correcting your own mistakes (explaining how making a mistake is ok and that is how we learn)
  • Using context to establish the meaning of unfamiliar words.
  • Predicting what might happen in a story based on clues in the title and illustrations.
  • Connecting new learning to what children already know.
  • Embracing curiosity. Answer questions with an invitation: “Let’s find out.” Consult books, encyclopedias and Web sites. Go to the library. Experiment.
  • Encouraging and supporting your child in summarizing both what and how they have learnt something.  What did they find difficult?  How did they overcome this difficulty?
  • Asking your child what could they improve? Explain to your child that this does not mean they have not done well enough but that everyone can always improve even famous writers edit their work etc.
  • Using meaningful praise.  Instead of saying ‘well done’ or ‘that is good work’ praise the skill they have used.  For example, ‘I like how you were able to manage your distractions.’ ‘You persevered and were able to find clues to work out the problem.


Homework will be given on a Friday and a spelling check will take place the following Friday.  They will also receive maths homework on a Friday and grammar homework every 2 weeks.  Currently, homework is set using  If you have any queries regarding homework please let me know.  The children have been sent home with usernames and passwords.

Useful websites to help your child:

If you have any questions please speak to Mrs Telford.

Thank you for your continued support.