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Welcome to Derwent Class

Year 1 and 2


Welcome to Derwent!

Teachers in our class are:

Mrs Purdy – Class Teacher

Miss Suttle– Assistant Teacher

We learn in different ways in our class including challenges.

During the week we have the following activities:

PE on a Monday with Mr Jeff.

Please could you make sure your child has their PE kit in school on Monday ready for the week. We will also do PE every Tuesday.

Restorative Circle Time  will be delivered with Mrs Ruddle on a Friday. This is a chance for the children to discuss the topic of the week; celebrate successes and resolve any conflicts.

French is also taught on a Monday by Mrs Ruddle.

Music is taught on a Wednesday by Miss Lee.

Reading – Children take part in guided reading sessions daily.  This incorporates support from an adult twice a week; links are made with their reading and phonics twice a week followed by an independent written task to consolidate their learning. 

Individual reading books can be changed by your child weekly. One week spent on one or two individual reading books will develop both fluency of reading familiar text whilst enabling time to understand the book from different perspectives.  Reading is part of your child’s homework and they have a challenge to read at least five times a week. Please would you listen to your child read so that you can ask him/her questions and help them improve their understanding and fluency. We would be grateful if you could then write a note in their planner to say they have read to you.

Homework –

  • National curriculum requirements are that Year One children can count in multiples of twos, fives and tens; with the additional expectation of counting in threes for Year Two. Having a good knowledge of times tables for Maths is the equivalent of reading letters and sounds for English and therefore times tables are regularly practiced at any opportunity during our school day. Practice at home, would embed your child’s knowledge further. 
  • We will also be sending out weekly lists of spellings and will be learning these in class but if you could also help your child with the list, this would be great!  We will check spellings weekly on a Monday and the result will be recorded in their planners alongside the following week’s list of spellings. This will give them further opportunity to  practice at home if they wish. There are many fun ways to practice spellings. Please don’t hesitate to ask for a guide on’ How to make learning spellings fun!’ .