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Welcome to Nidd Class  

Nursery and Reception


Our Early Years Foundation Stage children in Nursery and Reception work as a team together.

Team Nidd

Our teacher is Miss Ripton and we also have Mrs Higginson and Mrs Taylor who work in the classroom.
Every morning we come into class and self-register and get ready to start the day. We come together as a class and do the days of the week, the weather and our very important check-in!
After we have completed our morning tasks we have a Literacy session as a team and read our story of the week. We also have a Phonics and a Numeracy session every day. As reading is so fun, we also come together at the end of the day to read our story of the week again. Miss Ripton leads a PE lesson every week and we are also very lucky to have our own ‘wild area’ at school so we have a Forest Schools session every week too!
Our classroom has lots of provision which is always there for us to use. It is set up in areas of learning for example the water area, construction area, investigating area and maths area. It is very important that we get to explore our classroom and have time learning through play so there is lots of time during the day when we independently choose our learning and our teachers ask us lots of questions and make observations of our learning. They look out for our interests and then enhance our provision in the classroom to help us discover more about the world around us and challenge our thinking.
We have a great space outdoors too and we all have the opportunity to explore this area throughout the day, so don’t forget your wellies and waterproof coat! There is always lots to do outside from digging, building, exploring water and enjoying learning about our natural world. Whatever the weather we will have lots of adventures outside.
On a Friday we love to share our learning with our grownups so we invite them in to join us with our learning and then we have a sing together at the end of the session before home time. Unfortunately we are not able to invite parents into school at present due to Covid 19, but we can’t wait for you to join us once restrictions are lifted!

Tapestry                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   As mentioned, the staff working in the unit will be very busy making observations of the learning that is taking place and these observations will be uploaded onto Tapestry. Your child will have an account created once they join the setting and you will receive regular updates of your child’s learning in school via the app.
At the end of the academic year, all of your child’s observations will be made into a ‘Learning Journal’ which will celebrate your child’s journey through their first stages of school.

We are really excited about the year ahead – please follow our learning adventures on the school’s Twitter account (@CamblesSchool)

(*Once covid-19 restrictions are lifted*) If you can spare any time to come into the setting to help with baking, reading or even just to spend time with the children learning in the setting please let us know.
Because there is so much to do at school, we would like to ask for some help at home too, it is important that time is spent at home every day reading at home and practising sounds and tricky words to help us with our reading so that we can become great writers.
As always, thank you for your continued support in your child’s journey through school and please do ask any questions you may have, no matter how big or small!