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Reading is central to every child’s development

At Camblesforth we belief that reading is central to a child’s understanding of the school curriculum and is of vital importance in life. fluent readers can access a full range of life experiences and can enjoy an amazing breadth of genres and writers.

We aim to develop a love and appreciation of reading which will stay with children for life.  We achieve this through careful planning and teaching using up-to-date strategies. We use good reading materials and resources within Literacy lessons and Guided/ whole class reading sessions and provide a breadth and range of reading material in school.


It is our aim to allow children the opportunity:

To experience reading in a variety of situations so that it becomes a pleasurable & productive experience.

To access a wide range of print materials, including all genres of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays & pupils own writing.

To progress to becoming selective in their choice of reading materials.

To be knowledgeable about the purpose and organisation of books.

To nurture a love of reading.

To learn to read through a variety of methods.

To read to themselves or to others (peers and adults)

To read to a variety of audiences and to hear adults and children read to them.

To read regularly and to develop a respect for books.

To receive reading provision and support appropriate to individual ability.

To become aware of the link between reading and writing.



Our Journey from September


As a staff we have researched reading culture and have many ideas to further develop this in school. So far we have introduced daily DEAR time (drop everything and read), lucky listener and ‘tic tac toe’ as a home/school challenge. In addition to this we had our launch event with a phonic and reading meeting as well as a phonic open doors session.  We even had a book fest which was an extremely enjoyable day and this was celebrated with parents and carers. Developing a passion and love for reading is something that we are driving in school.

Every class has a reading/quiet area with a range of books in that the children can enjoy. In addition to this we have many reading spaces around school that we are keen to develop. We are working with the children to decide how and when these areas will be used.


What next?

You will see a designated outdoor book area where the children can enjoy reading at playtime and a ‘book swap’ on the playground. The book swop is something that you can all enjoy.

In addition to this we have questionnaires for the children to see where their interests are so that we can audit the books to make sure we have a range of genres to capture the interest of all our children. If you have any great ideas or links for us to buy some brand new books please come and tell us.

Family reading club is starting soon. This is where you can come into school and read with your child whilst enjoying a cup of tea.



How you can help

If you have any spare time and would like to listen to the children read in school please come to the office for a DBS form and we can arrange a suitable day/time.

Listening to your children read everyday has so many wonderful benefits both academically and socially. As well as having the time to bond and talk about the books, reading develops imagination, speech and opens up many opportunities academically.

Thank you so much for all your support in helping every child have a love of reading.