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A high standard of personal appearance is expected. Make-up and nail varnish are not permitted. School uniform is worn as soon as children start in Reception. We also encourage our nursery children to wear uniform but this is not compulsory. By children wearing school uniform they feel part of our school community. Please label every item of your child’s uniform. Our school uniform is as follows:


  • Black or grey trousers
  • White or navy blue polo shirt or white shirt
  • Navy blue jumper/cardigan
  • Black socks
  • Black shoes (not trainers or boots) throughout the year


  • Black or grey skirt or trousers.
  • Black or grey pinafore dress.
  • White or navy blue polo shirts or white blouse
  • Navy blue jumper/cardigan
  • Black socks for trousers/white socks or grey socks/tights with skirts
  • Black shoes (not trainers or boots) throughout the year

Summer alternatives:

  • Black or dark grey shorts
  • Blue check summer dresses

P.E. (Both boys and girls)

In the interests of safety, hygiene and team spirit, we ask for your co-operation in providing the following appropriate clothes for PE and Games:

  • Black shorts
  • White t-shirt
  • Trainers
  • White socks
  • Dark coloured (preferably navy or black) tracksuit for colder weather with minimal logo


In the interest of safety we prohibit the wearing of jewellery, other than a watch.  In particular, children must not wear dangling earrings or necklaces to school. Simple studs only should be worn to preserve pierced ears. Children are not allowed to swim, take part in PE or games wearing jewellery or earrings and for health and safety reasons, school staff are not to take out, or put jewellery into piercings. On swimming, PE and games days, parents are respectfully asked to remove all keepers before school.


School jumpers/cardigans, t-shirts and book bags can be purchased from Classroom Clothing, 25 Finkle Street, Selby or by visiting