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Foss Class What’s Happening This Week Commencing 22nd January 2018

Foss What’s Happening This Week

(Week Commencing 22nd January 2018)

In Foss this week we are learning the following:



In English this week we are learning to describe a rainforest setting, using some brilliant adjectives and the power of 3 descriptions to create atmosphere.  



In spelling, punctuation and grammar we are focussing on using  ‘wr’ – The first letter is silent in this wr combination. We only pronounce the r sound.



In maths we are focusing on fractions.


Maths Basics:

Maths basics  are key skills/facts children need to know.  In maths basics this week we are focusing on times tables and decimals.


Creative Curriculum:

We work on a theme every term and this term our key question is rainforests.  We will be looking at where in the world they are and what we can find there.




Homework is set every night.  From Monday to Thursday, children will have:

  • 4 very short maths questions
  • 3 sentences to write
  • reading (+ one more reading over the weekend)


Spellings are learnt in class but if you could help with practising at home, this would be brilliant.

Spellings we are focusing on in class this week are:


write wrong
Written wrote
wrist wrestle
wriggle wreck
accident appear


Games/ websites/ activities to help with this pattern:


Knowing times tables and number bond (pairs of numbers to 10/20 and beyond) well helps children make massive progress in maths so any help you can give your child will be great.  Your child has a Number Gym login and password in their planners and if they could go on Number Gym at home, even for 5 minutes, it will really help them have a secure knowledge and faster recall of times tables and number facts.


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