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Nidd Class What’s Happening This Week Commencing 29th January 2018


This week we are reading ‘The Rainforest Grew all around’ as well as ‘We’re roaming in the rainforest’  We are finding out about the animals that live in the rainforest and discovering what it is like living in the rainforest.



In maths we are solving subtraction problems crossing 10.


In Reception we are learning about one more and one less.



Our phonic sounds this week  

Year 1:.alternative pronunciations of the g, o, c sounds.

Reception: igh sound.


Spellings this week (Year 1)

our, house, do, when, mystery, reply, crystal, try, fly


If anyone has any spare recycling small boxes/plastic yoghurt pots etc please could we have some for our creative area please.

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