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Fielding, Chris

Being a Camblesforth resident and having 2 daughters in the school I decided in late 2012 to join the board of Governors, to have a say in how the School is run not only for my own children but for the whole community.

Working at the University of York, I strongly believe that a solid good education and values, learned early are the building blocks to a better society.

I am very proud of the work that has been done at the school, especially in the last year, and hope that my input has played a small part in that.

As well as sitting on the full governing body, I chair the Health and Safety sub Committee(which ties in with my day job) I am also a member of the Cirruculum and Standards Committee.

Away from school, my interests are many and varied, but mainly outdoor based. Although much of my time is taken up acting as a “Daddy Taxi’, following the girls though their many out of school activities.

I am in the playground most afternoons, please do not hesitate to come and say hello.

Chris Fielding

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