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Remote Learning and Home School Resources

During this unusual time, we, at Camblesforth primary Academy, are striving to ensure children will have continued opportunities to learn. In order to support this, a number of different resources and provisions have been made, which enable children to access learning at home.

Certain year groups within school will be able to take their chromebooks home to support their learning. We are however, also aware children all throughout school will benefit from technology for education at home. To support your child in this endeavour and to ensure they have access to the online learning resources, please see the guidance below on how to connect your school device to the WIFI at home and how to access school provisions on a home device (where a chromebook has not been provided).

Parental Guidance – logging on and connecting to the internet  (a link to Haxby Road Academy website)

Once children have connected their chromebooks to your home WIFI or have logged into Chrome on your personal devices, they will have assess to all of the learning tools we use in school. For children in certain year groups (the children in these year groups will be aware) learning challenges will be set (where possible) through Google Classroom and may also be issued through Seesaw. Please encourage children to check these platforms regularly for home learning challenges. For a list of other links to key websites and fantastic educational sites (all used regularly in school), please follow the link below.

Home learning apps and links (a link to Haxby Road Academy website)

Alongside online resources, certain classes in school will be issued with a home learning pack. This will include home learning challenges for children to complete during school closures. If you are unsure about any work provided, please seek advice.

Lastly, we are aware school closures and isolation periods could lead to decreases in physical activity. For guidance on how to help keep your children physically active at home and for a range of home learning challenges, please follow the link below (created by Gareth Jones – PE Specialist).

Physical Activity At Home Guide (a link to Haxby Road Academy website)

As always, thank you for your continued support during this uncertain time.

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