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Nidd Class What’s Happening This Week Commencing 4th February 2019

We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday afternoon for our Chinese New Year celebrations.



In Year 1 this week we are writing instructions.  We will be learning about Chinese New Year and making our own Chinese dumplings.

In Reception we will be learning about the Great race and writing our own race story.



In maths we are learning how to subtract using different methods.


In Reception we are learning about ordinal numbers-first, second, third etc…




Year 1:. We are learning the split digraph a-e  Videos have been shared on Bloomz to help.


Reception: We are learning the sound oo as in moon and oo as in hoot.  Please see videos on Bloomz.


Spellings this week (Year 1)

Came  Made Make  Take Game Race  Same Escape there   where


We will be reading every day in school.  Books will now be changed on a Monday.

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