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Nidd Class What’s Happening This Week Commencing 30th April 2018


This week we are reading The Hungry Caterpillar in Reception.  We are finding out about the beginning, middle and end of the story and talking about what the caterpillar eats and how he changes.  We will be retelling the story.

In Year 1 our story is ‘The Healthy Wolf’.  We will be looking at character descriptions of the wolf and sequencing the story from beginning to end.



In Reception we are adding and subtracting with the caterpillar as well as learning about the days of the week in order.

In Year 1 we are learning about equal groups and using the multiplication sign.



Our phonic sound this week  

Year 1:. Revision of all sounds with a focus on reading alien words as well as the plural s.

Reception: air


Spellings this week (Year 1)

there, their, called, asked, like, some, come, were, little, one


Don’t forget to join us for Time together on Friday afternoon 2-3pm.

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