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Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your continued support making sure children are in school and on time.  As a school, we are targeted by the Department for Education to ensure each child’s attendance stays at a 96% or above.  National guidelines are set to the school, challenging us to raise our attendance percentages and to closely monitor any child absence.

As part of our monitoring process, we check attendance each week, celebrating every Monday class attendance.  We also monitor individuals and will contact parents to support if their child’s attendance has fallen below 96%.  Some parents will have received letters last term and we are very grateful to those parents who have worked with school to improve their child’s attendance.  We also appreciate that if children are ill, they are ill and if they are not well enough to come in to school they should quite rightly stay at home.

Today, letter are going out to parents of those children whose attendance is below 96% and also to those parents whose attendance was below but has now improved to 96% or above.

It is really important that we work together, so please come and have a chat if you need any more information.

Many thanks,

Mrs Fletcher

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