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Thank you to everyone who came to our first Parent Forum of the term.  We had some really useful discussions about summer school uniform, communication and homework.

Outcomes of the meeting were:

Alternative summer school uniform:

Parents agreed the following –

Black shorts, white polo, blue jumper/cardigan, white or black socks (no coloured)

Blue checked summer dresses

Black shoes (no sandals)

OR children can wear their standard uniform



Parents were happy with the recent addition of BLOOMZ to our communication, although we agreed there needed to be a reasonable time to send and receive messages.  Parents said they were happy to receive a message between 7am and 7pm unless there were extreme circumstances when a message from school outside those hours was necessary (such as school closure at short notice).  Parents can send teachers messages out of those hours but they would not be responded to before 8am in the morning and 5pm.  Parents also asked that they have sufficient notice if children needed to bring extra things into school.

The updated website was well received and parents felt it was a good way of seeing what was going on in school, updates on latest news and accessing the twitter feed if they did not have a twitter account.  Parents were asked if they would like a weekly update/newsletter and those who came to the meeting did not feel this was necessary with all the other information that was regularly shared.

Parents liked the increased range of use of Parent Pay and how they can now give authorisation for trips and book clubs.



Having homework in small chunks every night and homework coming home in homework bags was a positive for parents.  Parents at the meeting liked that homework was during the week, leaving weekends free.


‘Even Better If….’ 

We also talked about how we could improve our school and parents felt that more information would be useful when children completed homework on how we teach maths and literacy so parents did not feel they were teaching their children the wrong way.  Parents also wanted a guide to using different sentence types.  They were very happy to take part in some events in the autumn term putting together parent guides to supporting their children with homework.  So we hope as many parents can come to these events.


Many thanks again to everyone who came and I hope we can get as many parents as possible to come to the next meeting.  If you cannot attend, please let me know and I am more than happy to arrange to have a chat about what is happening in school and get your views.  It is always so useful to meet to improve our school.

Next Parent Forum date:  Tuesday 3rd July with focus on what has gone well in school and school improvements for next year.

Mrs Fletcher

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