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Dear Parents,

Thank you to everyone who came to our parent forums last week.  It is always really useful to get your views and there were many new suggestions which we will use to improve school.

If you didn’t manage to get to the forums, here is an overview of what was discussed with some of the suggestions:

  1. Headteacher move – I will be sad to go but will still be in the hub and will ensure there is a smooth transition for Mr Card, the new Head of School.
  2. Updates on extra opportunities in school – Our Year 6 children will be taking part in an engineering project with Drax which is very exciting and the project will continue each year so all                                                                                children will have the opportunity to take part.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   – Our ‘Camblesforth Promise’ – we are working with the children to put together a list of additional opportunities for each year group.  The                                                                                      children thought of some great ideas that are additional to our curriculum and when we have finalised our list, we will share them with you.
  3. Discussion about opportunities for parents to come in to school took place (open mornings, evening events, sessions before assembly, themed events and lunches).  Parents at the meeting felt there were lots of opportunities to come in to school but sometimes they could not come in due to work and family commitments.  Parents suggested we have events from 2pm and straight after events which is a great idea.
  4. Shared lunches – Parents liked the idea of having a Mother’s day and Father’s day lunch and a family Easter lunch so we will confirm dates.
  5.  Child responsibilities – We would like to give children more opportunities for responsibilities around school.  So far we have Restorative Champions who help other children at break times and help resolve problems and any fall outs.  Key Stage 2 children would also like to run a healthy tuck shop and we will be getting those children together soon to confirm when it will start.
  6. School trips – We would like to have whole school/class trips each term but appreciate that voluntary contributions can be difficult depending on when the trip is and how much notice is given.  Parents asked for as much notice as possible and commented how good it was when these are on Parent Pay early.  Parents also liked the idea of having a set amount as a voluntary contribution at the beginning of the academic year so they could spread out payments.  I talked about swimming sessions next academic year and the increased cost of sessions and transport.  A parents suggested we look into hiring a private pool which we will look into.  Some parents said their child already goes to swimming lessons and didn’t need any extra.  As discussed in the forum, swimming is a compulsory element of the National Curriculum so children need to go.  We will update you when we have decided which year groups will be going next year.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the cost of transport this year.
  7. Homework – Parents felt homework was much better but there are still some issues with children accessing Number Gym.  It was suggested that we upload times table sheets onto Bloomz so children can practise times tables each evening even if they cannot access Number Gym.  I will speak with teachers about this so this starts to happen.


So, lots discussed and some great suggestions.  I do hope you can come to the next parent forum but in the meantime, if you have any more suggestions, please let us know.

Many thanks,

Mrs Fletcher

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