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Dance Festival 2021

Congratulations to seventeen of our Year 4, Year 5 and 6 children for taking the Yorkshire Schools Dance Festival sponsored by Yorkshire Education on Sunday 14th November 2021!!! The theme of the show was ‘The Power of Together’ and we got to observe many different interpretations of this, from students much older than our cohorts! Courtney Thompson (Danceelite) and Miss Wynn – choreographed a fun piece entitled, ‘We are all in this together’ Also, a huge thanks to Mrs Taylor for supporting the children on the day. 

Our ecstatic children not only performed, but they harnessed their nerves, feeding off their adrenaline, and gave it their all, with big smiles on their faces. They made themselves, their parents and us proud! This is the first time we have participated in this amazing event and it will not be the last, along with many new sport initiatives.  

Click here to see the live performance.


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  1. Monika Wood

    Absolutely loved being there to watch them all give it their all. They were all fantastic and it really was an amazing evening.
    Thank you all for your hard work