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Parent Forum

Dear Parents/Carers,

After previous events with parents and feedback, we are trying different ways to provide more opportunities for parents to work with school in partnership.  Parent partnership is really important and we always welcome your thoughts and ideas to improve school.

Parent forums have been really useful to school and our school has improved as a result.  We want to build on the positives of these meetings and would like to trial a breakfast parent forum and a coffee and cake parent forum before assemblies once a month.  So, as a trial, next Friday (Friday 26th October) we would like to invite you to a breakfast at 8.15am until 9am.  We will be serving coffee and croissants for breakfast and we will arrange for your child (if they are in Reception onwards) to go to breakfast club for that time.

At 2.30 we will be having another parent forum with coffee and cake.  We will have toys out and juice and biscuits for any pre school children.

The themes on Friday will be school uniform, homework and reading but there will also be time to raise any other thoughts you have to improve our school.

If next Friday is successful we will arrange future parent forums at these times the first Friday of every month.

Thank you so much for your support,

Mrs Fletcher

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